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Call for Abstract
1. Content and Classification
Clinical and basic researches, new methods, novel technologies, advanced developments and case reports of medically challenging cases in the fields of cardiovascular anesthesia, thoracic anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, extracorporeal circulation and life support, blood conservation, perioperative medicine, non-cardiac surgery anesthesia, pain management, etc.

2. Abstract Topics
Cardiovascular anesthesia
Thoracic anesthesia
Pediatric anesthesia
Extracorporeal circulation and life support
Blood conservation
Perioperative medicine
Perioperative organ protection
Perioperative infection control
Perioperative recovery
Perioperative medicine of cardiovascular surgery
Perioperative basic and translational medicine
Non-cardiac surgery anesthesia
Pain management
Comfort medicine
Anesthesia of daycase surgery
Brain and vascular
Cardiovascular ultrasound
Laboratory medicine
Precision medicine of cardiovascular
Innovation and population of medical invention
Medical insurance
Transformation of health industry

3. Requirements

(1) The abstract should be between 800 - 1000 words (either in Chinese or English).
(2) The abstract should follow the following structure, in the order of title, authors, institutions, cities, states/provinces, countries, email, purpose, method, result and conclusion. The result should include the main data.

4. How to submit

The conference accepts ONLY online submission, no e-mail or paper submission is accepted. In order to ensure the efficiency of communication after submission, we only communicate with the submitting author.

Key Dates
Conference Dates
November 13 - 15, 2020
On-site Registration Date starts from
November 13, 2020